Friday, October 11, 2019

The Academy Award For Best Dramatic Performance Goes To...!

All is good here—knock-on-wood. I am sorry for not writing and I am still using the same old excuses—working a lot next door and writing.

This morning when I woke up Henry, Big Al(ice) and Little Debbie were snuggling with me and the electricity was off.

It was totally dark outside and inside The Cabin, so I slowly walked into the kitchen/big room, so not to trip or fall, and I grabbed a flashlight.

I saw the light and the atomic clock was showing 48 degrees outside and 77 degrees inside, so I was thrilled that the cold front had finally made it to Medina, after too many hot days. So I opened the front door and went out on the porch to feel the cooler air and the high winds made me rush back inside to get warm. And I know it made Henry Standing Bear laugh at me, because when I came inside he greeted me at the door and his tail was wagging non-stop.

About 47 degrees or an hour later the electricity came back on and the first thing I did was make myself a cup of coffee.

While I was checking my e-mail Tony returned home after feeding the sheep next door. So life was good, once again.

In a few hours Tony and I are going to Kerrville to meet our dear friends at Mamacita's, to celebrate my upcoming birthday and I know it will be so much fun.

I will try to write more later today, but because I am working tonight—that might not happen. So no promises there.

As I finish writing this I want to make you laugh, so I want to share this hilarious, 40 second video that Drew sent to me this morning. It is about a beautiful Pit Bull getting her nails clipped.
The Academy Award for best dramatic performance goes to...

Y'all have a great (day) evening and keep on laughing!