Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Roadhouse Troubadour!

We've still been busy. So you might be asking, "Doing What?" Well, for starters we've been working on my new writing cabin.

Which has been a chore and a half, because we had to move some of "my stuff" in my shed and "Tony's stuff" in his shed back and forth. You see Tony's shed was full of a lot of insulation to be used for our sheds, my saddle and saddle stand, several unpacked boxes, etc. And my shed was full of tools, more unpacked boxes, tools, furniture, etc.

The weather played an important role in completing this task, because it could not be raining when we transferred our stuff. So we spent 8 hours, four days ago, on a beautiful sun shiny day completing this project. And the good news is my shed/writing cabin is now totally insulated except for the ceiling and we wired it for electricity.

So all we have to do now is connect the electricity, put up the drywall and decorate it. And Tony's shed is now organized with a lot of our stuff still needing to be unpacked and it should be a breeze for us to fix his man-cave.

Yesterday, another beautiful sun shiny day, we painted our other shed that is located across from our circular driveway. The painting went fast, but we had to stop and go to the Home Depot in Kerrville to buy the trim boards for it. And by 4:30, yesterday afternoon, we had painted the trim boards and put them up. Then we celebrated our accomplishment with a couple of Lone Star beers.

We still need to get a few more 1"X4"s to finish trimming the door and window, but that will just have to wait for a few days, until we get another beautiful day to paint the remaining trim boards and put them up. Anyway here is a picture of Henry being caught watching Tony work on the shed.

And here is a picture of our newly painted bistro table, in our front yard, with the almost finished shed, in the background.

Please note that our enlarged front yard took us a whole day also, because we had to move the fence, paint the table and chairs and then bring in gravel and spread it around. And that's why I've been too busy to blog or work on my novella lately, because we've spent our days outside improving our Big Foot Ranch.

And now with our weather turning to rain and much cooler days beginning tonight, I plan to stay inside, cozy up to our awesome, wood-burning stove and start writing again.

Last week, when Tony and I were working next door, at Escondida, the beautiful resort owned by the much loved Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips and his lovely wife Kelli, our dear friend Sarah Robinson introduced us to Dan White "The Roadhouse Troubadour."

Dan White, a very talented singer/songwriter/musician was over at the resort setting up his equipment, because last Saturday night, he preformed his awesome country music for Kelli's & Bob's guests. 

And to say the least—Dan's fabulous music and his humorous stories made it a wonderful evening never to be forgotten. So I hope that you will check out Dan White "The Roadhouse Troubadour," because we love him and his music. And please click here to watch and listen to Dan White performing.

After we visited with Dan the other day he gave Tony and me this album, I Haven't Been Everywhere Yet...But It Is On My List, and we love his songs so much—we can't quit listening to Dan's CD.

Before I finished writing this I went into the bedroom to put on a sweatshirt and I found Henry Standing Bear sleeping on the bed. He looked so peaceful, in La-La-Land, I had to grab my camera and take this picture of him, before I go take a short, cozy nap with him and the rest of our dogs (My Best Friends).

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. Gaby, we received your sweet note from Germany and we miss you more!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Just verifying - the pink shed is the she-shed?

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! The "coral" shed with the windows and turquoise shutters, next to The Cabin, is my she-shed aka writing cabin and the shed across and on the other side of the driveway is a shed, that we just painted will become "The Wash Room" with a shower and toilet, washing machine and dryer.

Kristine Bobbitt said...


Love the Bistro. Very elegant for morning coffee. ☕️


Mari of the NoMads said...

So VERY cool! I had said I'd come visit but this makes me want to wait and see what ELSE I'll be able to see when I do visit! It'll be a grand tour!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Kris and Mari! I can't wait for y'all to come see it and drink coffee with me. But please remember that I am the world's worst hostess, so it will be BYOC(offer).