Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Foreign Friends! or Pot!

Tony and I have had so much fun these past few weeks, visiting with all of our foreign friends and Texas friends, is the main reason why I have not blogged. I would apologize for not blogging, but I can't, because we simply had too much fun getting to spend quality time with each and everyone of them.

During these past few weeks our foreign dignitaries represented their countries. Big Foot Ranch has hosted Marita & Hans from Bergen, Norway, Fay from Toronto, Canada, Liz from Mexico/Texas and Gaby from Germany. Also including our Texas friends: Stephen K. Morris & Eva Robinett from Fredericksburg, Chet O'Keefe from Terlingua, Xenia from Pleasanton, and our two mystery guests that unexpectedly showed up later today.

To put it on a bumper sticker—It Was A Busy Schedule, But We Had A Wonderful Time Seeing Everyone. Hmm...Somehow I don't think all of that would actually fit on a bumper sticker, but that's okay. And to say the least, "We would gladly do it all over again, because it was so nice to be with so many of our dear friends."

Yes, I know I could write volumes about each one of our friends visits, but time is of the essence here, because I need and want to spend this evening writing on my third novella, because lately it has been put, on the back burner so to speak. So I am only going to write about today.

Early this afternoon Gaby and her lovely daughter Xenia came to see us. Gaby (from Germany) has been spending a few weeks with Xenia and her family and today they drove up from Pleasanton to spend the day with us. Tony and I were thrilled about it and so was Kinky, because like us he loves her too and overtime that he tours Germany, she is always put on his German guest list.

After howdies and hugs today, we invited our sweet guests, inside The Cabin, so we could drink some coffee and munch on some fresh, homemade beignets, that I had cooked up earlier. But after serving delicious coffee, Gaby wanted to give us her gifts she had brought for Tony and me.

So while the beignets cooled, on the kitchen island, Gaby handed her gift for me to open, so I opened it. Omg! I about fell off of the couch when I saw her, six, beautiful, hand crocheted pot holders.

Then all four of us burst out laughing, and Gaby said, "I read about your famous, pink pot holder, on your blog and you needing your friend, Jean, to help you finish it off, so I decided to make you six, cotton yarn, pot holders that are machine washable."

"After I thanked her, I turned around and pointed upwards, and said, "There is that famous pot holder!" And all of us started laughing again.

Bottom   Line: We spent the next several hours catching up with each other and doing a lot of laughing. And the best part about it for me was that I got to tell Gaby and Xenia my off-colored joke, because I think they are the last two people that we know on the Planet, that I've not told it to! Xenia burst out loud when I told the punchline, but it took Gaby a few seconds longer to get it, because she is from Germany. Anyway, they loved my joke and I enjoyed making them laugh.

Around 3:30, Kinky called to let us know he was back from town and he invited us to come over. And ten minutes later, we were having fun visiting with Kinky, Rick, Zoie and The Friedmans.

About an hour or so later, our dear friends Kent Perkins and his beautiful wife, Ruth Buzzi, arrived to complete the festive party. Gaby and Xenia were so excited to meet Ruthie and soon after visiting with her, Ruthie posed for pictures with them.

About another hour later, it was time for us to return home and when I adios-ed Kinky and Kent, in Kinky's office, Kent asked me if he and Ruthie could come over to see The Cabin, because the last time they had seen it—we had just bought it and had not started our renovations.

So, we caravan-ed over to Big Foot Ranch. Tony and I led the way, Ruthie & Kent followed us in one of their Rolls Royce and Xenia and Gaby followed them.

When Kent & Ruthie walked inside The Cabin their jaws dropped, and Ruthie said, "I love it!..." So after we gave them the grand tour all of us were back in the kitchen, and Kent said, "Are these what I think they are?"

"Yes!" I said, followed by a chuckle. "Help yourselves to the beignets. I made them earlier...." So everyone grabbed a tasty beignet and the powder sugar started flying (out of our mouths). And after accepting several compliments on the delicious beignets, I said, "Thank y'all, but they are not as good as Ruthie's beignets. Hers are to die for. In fact, several years ago, Ruthie taught me how to make them and just about every time that Kent & Ruthie have come down for a visit with Kinky and us—we usually cook up a batch of beignets...." And after another fun visit our dear friends we adios-ed them.

As soon as everyone had left Big Foot Ranch I grabbed Gaby's pretty pot holders and laid them out, so I could take a better picture of them. So you could see how beautiful they are.

And if you look closely at the picture above, you can see part of the blue handle casserole dish that I had put the over-a-dozen beignets in. And this is what was left of my beignets, after all of us had eaten our fair share of them.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Mari of the NoMads said...

You and Tony make a statement when you have times like these:

It's a Wonderful Life!

I love living vicariously through your blog and then very imaginatively through your novellas! I can't wait for the next novella, so take your time doing it and I'll patiently await a blog post when you have time to do one!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Thank you for your kind words and patience.